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Cycle 6

Cycle Tenet: Courtesy - is thoughtfulness and consideration of others thoughts and feelings

Fitness challenge- Dont forget to do your fitness challenge weekly.  Make sure to post your results on our new banner!! Remeber we changed the challenge this cycle to how many push up and sit ups you can do in a mintue. Mom and dad can watch you do them at home or here at the academy. Remember to video yourself and post it to our facebook ss we can brag on you. BLACK BELT AND INSTRUCTOR TEAM PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED

Community service- We are putting together care packages for our local heros, put together a small box/bag of snacks, treats. Anything you think a police officer might like to help their day a little brighter. you must also write a personal note inside letting them know they are apperciated.

Cycle 6 weekly focus: Week 1 – Buddy/fun week (buddy must fill out release if parent is not attending), Week 2- Fitness week, Week 3- Basics (stances, positioning, hand foot timing, beginning/ending positions), Week 4- Technique (essence of Tiger-Rock TKD), Week 5- Advanced Technique (Jumps/Spins), Week 6- Movement, Week 7 –Sparring, Week 8- Cycle tenet focus/testing prep (Students should wear full uniform.

June 17th - Father's Day, bring your father to class and teach him all your skills!

July 3rd and 4th - NO CLASSESS! We will be closed to celebrate our countries birthday! Go have fun and be safe!

July 20th - 23rd We will be open for regular classes this year. Ms. Kaite will be attending to defend her title! GOOD LUCK MS. KAITE!

August 10th - 11th Next color belt testing

Referral Program Don’t forget about our referral program that gets you free stuff for every person you bring in that signs up for a membership. If you get five people to sign up you get free tuition for a year. Also don’t forget about our referral cards at the desk. Get a stack and hand them out to all your friends and family.

 Everyone CONGRATULATE Michael Park  this cycle student of the cycle!!!



















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My daughter made straight As on her mid-term report card :o)!! Thankful to God,her teacher, and Tiger Rock instructors. They continue to motivate her and help keep her focused :o)!!!
-Renee Hall

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