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Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of West Knoxville is offering world class martial arts instruction to all full time home schoolers and Co-op home schoolers at a reduced rate!!!!!

We at Tiger-Rock realize that it can be difficult to find the Physical Education credit requied for home schoolers, we'll we are your answer. Get fit, learn discipline, self-control, confidence and self defense while earning your PE credit. 

This gives your homeschooler a way to get out of the house and stimulate their need for social interaction, in a safe, positive environment!!

Our reduced monthy tuition rates are:

$79.00 for one student
$99.00 for two students
$119.00 for families

This will allow these students to participate in our day time classes and also on saturday. Which will allow for up to three attendances a week.

Day Class schedule is:

                                           Tuesday                       Friday                         Saturday

Tiger Cubs:(ages 3-6)        10am                          10am                          930a

Juniors (ages 7-11)            1030am                      1030am                      10am (white, and yellow belts only)
                                                                                                                   1045am (green thru black belts) 

Teens  (12-15)                     1130am                      1130am                      1130am

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or call 865-247-4437

We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!!!!








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My daughter made straight As on her mid-term report card :o)!! Thankful to God,her teacher, and Tiger Rock instructors. They continue to motivate her and help keep her focused :o)!!!
-Renee Hall

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