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Green Belt Level 1-3 Teens

Green Belt Level 1-3 Teens and Adults

White Stripe: RISE 15
Level 1: We must maintain the desire to grow both personally and professionally.We can accomplish this by maintaining our FOCUS on the right people and information

Level 2: being confident to BELIEVE in our own ambitions

Level 3: and PRACTICE the actions that move us in the right direction

Yellow Stripe: Contact skills (add slide to kick for competition cycle)
Level 1
Hand- #1 knife hand, shift from attention stance to back stance (approved)             
Foot- #1 side kick, back stance (approved)
Level 2
Hand - #2 inverted knife hand, shift from back stance to front stance (approved)             
Foot - #2 Sidekick, back stance land in front shuffle back (approved)
Level 3
Hand - Spin knife hand, back stance shuffle back (approved)             
Foot- #3 side kick, back stance T step shuffle back (approved)

Green Stripe:
Defend against
Stepping reverse hook punch 3x each side
#2 front Kick 3x each side
#2 front kick lead punch 3x each side
Using evasion, blocks and no more then 1-3 strikes of any kind, whole body is legal target

Red Stripe: Sparring Skills
Level 1:
Sparring flows:
1. #1 round kick, lead punch, reverse punch, #2 round kick
2. Side kick, Spin sidekick
3. #1 front kick round kick, lead punch, reverse punch, #2 front kick round kick, jump front kick
Level 2:
5 rules of sparring:
1. Keep my hands in guard
2. Stay busy
3. Be an effective blocker
4. Use my sparring flows
5. Use advanced techniques often
Level 3:
Blocking drills:
Attacker:                                                                           Blocker:
#1 front kick                                                                    #1 Low Block
#2 round kick (land in front)                                             #2 Low Block                
#2 reverse punch                                                             #3 Front arm outside block
#1 front arm hook punch                                                  #4 Back arm outer forearm block
#2 reverse hook punch                                                     #5 Front arm outer forearm block

Black Stripe: Progressive form (first 9 moves)
1. Left high block Left front stance
2. Right high block Right front stance
3. Left low block Left front stance
4. Twin low block Standing stance
5. #1 Right side kick/right knife hand strike Sitting stance
6. #3 Right knife hand strike/left inner forearm block/double punch (CAT 2) Sitting stance CAT 2 Stepping
7. Left front kick/reverse right punch (CAT 2) Left front stance
8. Left reverse punch (CAT 2) Right front stance
9. Right #1 round kick/right knife hand strike Right back stance

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"We highly reccommend Tiger Rock Martial Arts of West Knoxville because they are supergreat with the kids. I think they make every kid feel important and get to know them and their families, not just a "job"."

-Melissa Stinnett

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