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Adult White Belt

Adult White Belt

White Stripe: Rise 15
Like most things in life we CHOOSE the path that we are willing to take

Yellow Stripe: Contact skills (add slide to kick for competition cycle)
Hand- Punch, sitting stance
Foot- #2 front kick, front stance land behind

Green Stripe: Stances 5 Stances- Chung-be (ready stance), Sitting stance, Front stance, Back stance, and Attention stance

Red Stripe: Escape Skills (releases and evasions) , One steps
This is a rotating curriculum. The releases will be done with one steps 1 & 2, the evasions will be done with one steps 4 & 5. One step 3 will be done on all cycles
10 Wrist releases
6 Shoulder releases Headlock release
4 Break falls (Standing, Sitting, Right and Left) Defend punch w/ round step outside block right and left side
5 One steps:
1. Step left, right reverse hooking block grab, right double round kick, step behind opponent’s right leg, right knife hand strike, back stance. Double step back.
2. Left outside crescent block, right front kick, right punch high, left middle punch (right front stance); hands in guard position, double step back.
3. Left front kick, step left 45 degrees, right double side kick, right high knifehand strike (sitting stance), right shoulder grab, right leg sweep, left #2 punch; hands in guard position, double step back (return to help partner up).
4. Right front kick, right outside block (sitting stance), right high knifehand strike, right middle knifehand strike; hands in guard position, double step back.
5. Right front kick, right high block (right back stance), right middle knifehand strike, right side kick;

Black Stripe: Progressive form (first six moves)
1. Left high block Left front stance
2. Right high block Right front stance
3. Left low block Left front stance
4. Twin low block Standing stance
5. #1 Right side kick/right knife hand strike Sitting stance
6. #3 Right knife hand strike/left inner forearm block/double punch (CAT 2) Sitting stance CAT 2     

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"We highly reccommend Tiger Rock Martial Arts of West Knoxville because they are supergreat with the kids. I think they make every kid feel important and get to know them and their families, not just a "job"."

-Melissa Stinnett

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