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Upholding the premise that most of the advantage of a larger, stronger opponent comes from superior reach and more powerful strikes, both of which are mitigated when grappling on the ground, Brazilian jiu-jitsu emphasizes getting an opponent to the ground in order to use ground fighting techniques and submission holds involving joint-locks and chokeholds. A more precise way of describing this would be to say that on the ground, physical strength can be offset or enhanced by an experienced grappler who knows how to maximize force using mechanical advantage instead of pure physical strength.

Tiger-Rock offers a BJJ class which focus' on self defense and competion sparring.

It is very important to be a well rounded martial artist. Tiger-rock offers the combination of taekwondo and jiu-jitsu Tiger-rocks students will be able to defend themselves standing or on the ground.

We offer an exciting BJJ program for adults and children in seperate classes. Which allows our instructor to focus on age appropriate curriculum.

We also encourage our BJJ students to compete in open BJJ tournaments to grow their skills against unfamilair opponents. 





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My daughter made straight As on her mid-term report card :o)!! Thankful to God,her teacher, and Tiger Rock instructors. They continue to motivate her and help keep her focused :o)!!!
-Renee Hall

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