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Tiger-Rock Bully Know


Join Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for their Tiger-Rock Bully Know Seminar Course. Participants will learn why bullies become bullies, the power imbalance issues associated with bullying, and the 3 S's to avoid bullying. The seminar also has a section for the lookout signs parents should associate when their kid is getting bullied.The seminar will also include simple self-defense skills to help your child safely and effectively get out of situations without getting in trouble at schools.

The seminar is April 12th at 2:00p.m.-3:15p.m. and will include a Easter Egg Hunt Icebreaker to get the kids talking. Participants will be able to hunt for specific colored easter eggs for their team, and develop their own bullying question to answer.

All students will leave the seminar with a Bully Poster for their classroom teacher, the Bully Know Handbook, and Bully Know Certificate.

The seminar is $15.00 for members and non-members.
For All-Access students, the cost is $10.00.

Please register today by calling (865)-247-4437


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My daughter made straight As on her mid-term report card :o)!! Thankful to God,her teacher, and Tiger Rock instructors. They continue to motivate her and help keep her focused :o)!!!
-Renee Hall

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