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Tiger-Rock Birthday Parties

Our Tiger-Rock Birthday Parties are simply the best birthdays for children of all ages in Knoxville, TN. The two hour event entertains the birthday boy/girl and his/her friends with a martial arts class taught by the birthday boy/girl under the supervision of our professional martial art trainers and another martial arts inspired gymnastic class. After cake, ice-cream, and presents, the trainers continue to play games with the children down to the last second of the party where the birthday kid breaks a real piece of wood in front of all their friends. The best part of all, Parents you get to sit back and enjoy your children having the "best birthday party ever," at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of West Knoxville. Ask any other parent, they will agree, Guaranteed!

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My daughter made straight As on her mid-term report card :o)!! Thankful to God,her teacher, and Tiger Rock instructors. They continue to motivate her and help keep her focused :o)!!!
-Renee Hall

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